Configuration Format#

Efiboot configuration is stored in a TOML file located at /boot/efiboot.toml.

Here is an example:

# /boot/efiboot.toml

backend = 'efibootmgr'
esp = '/dev/sda1'
timeout = 3

label = 'Arch Linux'
loader = '/vmlinuz-linux'
params = [

label = 'Arch Linux (fallback)'
loader = '/vmlinuz-linux'
params = [

label = 'UEFI Shell'
loader = '/shellx64_v2.efi'

The file contains global configuration options followed by zero or more boot entry specifications.

Global Configuration#

The following global configuration options are recognized by all backends.

backend (string)

The backend to use. The list builtin backends can be found in the API docs for efiboot.backends. The default backend will attempt to select an appropriate backend based on your current platform.

timeout (int)

The boot timeout in seconds. Set this to -1 to clear the timeout and revert to your motherboard’s default behavior. When this option is not set, Efiboot will not modify the timeout.

Efibootmgr backend#

The following global options are recognized by the efibootmgr backend.

esp (string)

The block device for the EFI System Partition. If not given, the backend attempts to automatically detect the patrition or falls back to /dev/sda1.

edd (int):

The EDD version to use. Must be one of 1, 3, or -1. The default value is -1, which allows the controller to autodetect the appropriate EDD version.

edd_device (int):

The EDD 1.0 device number. Defaults to 0x80.

force_gpt (bool):

Treat disks with invalid PMBR as GPT.

Boot Entries#

Each boot entry begins with a [[BootEntry]] header.

The order of boot entries matters. The first entry will be set as the default, and the EFI will be configured to fallback in order.

label (string)

The name of the boot entry. All boot entries must have a label, and all labels must be unique.

loader (string)

The path to the EFI application to boot, relative to the EFI System Partition. All boot entries must have a loader. The Linux kernel is a valid EFI application.

params (list of strings)

Optional parameters to pass to the loader at boot.